6 Halloween Jello Shots Recipes – Best Halloween Jello Shots Ideas

These Freddy Krueger Jello Shots are sure to please any crowd at your Halloween party. Yummy Halloween rum Jello shots that are creepy and spooky.

You will want these spooky eyeball slime Jello shots at your Halloween party this year. Yummy apple Jello shots that are a bit creepy but super delicious.

Super fun and tasty witch hat vodka Jello shots. Super simple Halloween Jello shots that will have the crowd raving for more.

You will not want to pass up these biohazard green ooze rum Jello shot injectors – they are so good and fun. Learn how to make Jello shot syringes with this easy recipe.

BOO! BOO! It’s time for the best pumpkin vodka jello shots. Simple jello shots recipe for the most amazing Halloween shots.

Looking for super fun & YUMMY Halloween Jello Shots? Try these tasty ghost Jello Shots.