BEST Dyed Easter Eggs! How To Tie Dye Easter Eggs With Cool Whip – EASY DIY Easter Egg Decorating Ideas Kids Will Love

Why not try this Easter egg dye idea that only requires 3 items and 1 is hardboiled eggs.

Here is a super fun and cool way to decorate your Easter eggs.

If you have some hardboiled eggs and wondering what to do to dye Easter eggs then check this idea out!

A cool way to dye eggs that kids of all ages love – kids, teens & tweens! A great DIY egg decorating tutorial when you are needing some new, creative and unique ideas.

Follow the step by step instructions to make cool tie dye like pattern Easter eggs.

In a dish or container, spread  Cool whip - see post for tips

You can make it multiple colors or have certain colors in one area. Anything goes!

Make sure you don’t over mix, it just takes a quick swirl.

Place the hardboiled eggs in the container and rotate each egg in its spot until it’s all covered.

Place in refrigerator

Take out and wipe eggs off with paper towels.

You can also rinse them in water, but a lot of the color will come off and they won’t be as bold looking.

Have fun coloring Easter eggs!!


The vibrant colors will have the kids eyes light up. So grab some eggs & few supplies and you to can have some the BEST dyed Easter eggs this year!